Just imagine...a beautiful landscape

inspired by nature and designed by you, framed inside a crystal clear glass box where the fish appear to be birds in the sky or the reptiles the dinosaurs walking the earth.  Aquariums West has all the tools, live aquatic plants, corals, tropical fresh & saltwater fish, reptiles, layout materials, beautiful aquariums, terrariums and much, much more to help you with creating your "Nature’s Art".  Come for a visit and see our beautiful displays and become inspired to create a display of your own. We also carry a selection of small animals and all their supplies. See what kind of world you can design!

Moss Balls are back in stock! Buy 3 or more and take another 15% off the sale price!

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Setting up an aquarium?  Try this new aquatic plant soil and receive a free gift set of Aquario Neo root tabs valued at $23.99. 

Many new products are being added to Aquariums West from the Aquario company in Korea. They specialize in quality products for the planted aquarium from soils to fertilizers and beautiful diffusers.  Check back to see what has been added!

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