We are not just about fish and plants at Aquariums West.  We also have a large selection of saltwater fish and corals, reptiles and small animals and the expert staff to go with them!  Come for a visit and see our beautiful displays.

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Fluval Sea 13.5G/52L On Sale $209.99

GO SMALL IN A BIG WAY! The Fluval Sea Evo 13.5 Gallon aquarium is in stock now. Evo packs the same performance features as a tank several times its size.

Fluval Flex Now Comes in 32.5 Gallons!

Fluval Flex 32.5 Gallon Aquarium (black or white) with matching stand on sale for $649.99. Just want the aquarium? $344.99. Also in  9 & 15 Gallon sizes!

Don’t like getting your hands wet?  We recommend Costin Andrei of “Aqua Vibes” (who used to work at Aquariums West) to set up,  design and  maintain your aquarium.  All you have to do is enjoy!  To set up an appointment with Costin please call 778-385-0945

Here is what one of Costin’s customer says:

“I look forward to Costin’s every visit. His life-long passion for fish has him possessed of a vast amount of knowledge, but it is his natural, genuine and warm personality that makes his visits so enjoyable. He is impeccably courteous, he leaves everything spotless and he teaches and encourages me in my hobby. I hired an expert but wound up with a relationship that feels more like a friendship because of my respect for him and trust in him. I would leave him the key to my apartment in a heartbeat were I to go away. I am proud and happy to recommend him”.   Chris

  • We have all the tools, fertilizers, plants, rocks, driftwood and much much more to make an aquatic design just like this!

When a customer is happy, this is what they do!

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