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Bearded Dragons are a common beginner reptile, known for their docile behavior and relatively easy upkeep. While they are recommended for beginners, they do require a lot of space. Beardies are a desert species that do not require high humidity. 80 F ambient temperature and a basking spot of 95-100 F should be provided. UVB bulbs should be replaced every six months, they are extremely important for the health of your bearded dragons. Bearded Dragons eat a mix of both live food and vegetables, and fruits. More live food should be offered when they are young, and transitioned onto mostly a veggie diet when they are full grown. Baby beardies should be kept on either paper towel or repticarpet, and full grown adults can be transitioned onto a loose substrate. If you have any questions about beardies or any other reptile you can call or e-mail the store for more information.

Recommended Products:

-Tetrafauna 75 gallon terrarium

-Repticarpet or Exo Terra Desert Substrate

-Cork Bark

-Zoomed combo deep dome LRG

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