Aquariums West has been experiencing the many colours and seasons of Vancouver since 1980. In that time we have seen beautiful babies in strollers,  mesmerized by the colourful fish, now pushing around babies of their own! The love and appreciation of tropical fish and animals can start as early as infancy and continue throughout one's life. 

It started out as a tiny 1,000 sq. ft store on Davie Street in 1980 (owned by a naive 23 year old Jeannie), doubling in size in 1990 to the corner of Davie & Bute Street, then moved to a larger 3,500 sq. ft on Burrard Street and finally to a 5,000 sq. ft store on the corner of Beatty and Robson Street in 2010.  Phew! That's a lot of moving.  When someone complains about moving their 10 Gallon aquarium we chuckle to ourselves....if you only knew!

Father and son looking at fish

We specialize  in quality freshwater fish, aquatic plants, saltwater reef aquariums, captive raised reptiles and small animals.  Over 40 years we have fine tuned our specialties and have the expert staff to go with them. To learn more about the staff click here.

Have a look around the website to see what cool products are now available.  We have just a sampling of what we carry in the store here but more products will be added soon. 

If you need more information about anything, just give us a call at 604-669-9249 or email us at

Thanks for thinking of Aquariums West, Jeannie Lister Owner