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Eleocharis vivipara,
also known as umbrella hairgrass, is a delightful aquatic plant native to the southern United States, stretching from eastern Texas to eastern Virginia.  Let’s dive into its fascinating features:


    • This plant forms a clump of thin stems that sway gracefully in the water.
    • At the tip of each stem, you’ll find a spike of flowers.
    • Interestingly, reproduction occurs not only through seeds but also by growing plantlets and runners.
  1. Habitat:

    • Water or Land: Eleocharis vivipara can thrive both submerged in water and on land.
    • Carbon Fixation: When submerged, it uses C3 carbon fixation pathways for photosynthesis. However, when it grows out of the water, it switches to the C4 mechanism.
  2. Cultivation:

    • Aquarium enthusiasts appreciate this plant’s beauty and versatility. It can be cultivated and used as an aquarium plant.
    • Its tall growth and tendency to fold over create a captivating canopy effect on the water’s surface.
  3. Aesthetic Impact:

    • In planted layouts, especially Iwagumi style aquascapes, Eleocharis vivipara adds a flowing movement and a cool impression.
    • Its delicate appearance resembles the ribs of an open umbrella.

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