Snake - Corn - Tessera Blood Piedside


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Corn snakes are a great beginner snake with their easy going temperament and relatively easy husbandry. Although corn snakes are quite easy going they can move quite fast and fast hands are a good asset to have, especially with younger snakes. A 40 gallon breeder tank is a minimum home for a full grown corn snake. Babies can be kept in 10 gallon tanks. Corn snakes require overhead heat with a basking spot of 90F, as well as supplemental belly heat. The cool end should be no lower than 70F. Substrates can vary, babies can be kept on paper towel, adults can be kept on aspen snake bedding, or a mix of coco husk and forest bark. If you are interested in them or any other reptile feel free to call or email the store for more information.

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