No need to have your fish starve while you are lavishing in the Tropics, eating Turkey with the relatives, or away on business. We have a variety of Automatic Fish Feeders in stock to spoil your fish while you are away. We even have automatic light timers so your plants will be happy too.

Just going away for a weekend or a week?  These handy 3-Day Pyramids and 7-Day Pyramids will keep your fish fed while you are away. The Pyramid Fish Feeder will automatically feed your fish when you’re on vacation. Features a patented secret chamber containing tubifex worms which opens half-way through the feeding cycle. Will feed 20 average sized fish in a 10 gallon tank for 7-8 days. For freshwater or saltwater fish.

Instructions: After being placed in the tank, the pyramid will start dissolving immediately and the first food pellets will be released within a few hours. Worms are released on about the 4 th day. Do not use in fishbowl’s or aquariums without adequate filtration and aeration, because water circulation is needed for the pyramid to dissolve properly.

We also have them for Siamese Fighting Fish. Each of these food blocks will feed your betta for 7 days. Contains: Freeze-dried Tubifex worms, bloodworms, daphnia and white shrimp. Nutritious, high quality fish food. Each pack contains 6 feeder blocks.

The Nutrafin Profeed Plus programmable fish feeder incorporates both a manual operation mode and a memory setting for time released feedings. The Nutrafin Profeed is battery powered and will not be affected by power failures. It dispenses most dry foods (flakes, pellets or freeze dried) up to 2 times daily. The easily accessible food drum allows feeding quantity adjustments. The Nutrafin Profeed is designed to reduce moisture intake and is ideal for vacations or busy schedules.

If you own a Hagen Waterhome Aquarium, in the front of the canopy is a pull out compartment designed specifially for the Profeed Plus programmable fish feeder. Simply pull out the piece that you use to open your canopy and snap the feederinto place. We also carry the NutraMatic 2X automatic feeder. This handy device clips onto the side of your aquarium and feeds your fish twice a day.

Great for everyday use whether you’re at home or away!

The EHEIM Everyday Fish feeder is great for anyone who leads a busy lifestyle and sometimes forgets to feed their fish. With the Everyday Fish Feeder, just set the desired amount and the feeder will reliably dispense the accurate portions. This will also prevent over feeding.

The feeding drum volume is 100ml or 3.3 fl. oz. and can last for up to 6 weeks of feedings, depending on the food type and the amount dispensed. The amount of food remaining can easily be seen through the transparent drum. Becuase the Everyday Fish Feeder automatically feeds your fish worry free, you are now free to go on vacation without worrying who will feed your fish.

It is essential to test your feeder for a few days before you go to make sure that you have set the feeding quantity adjustment properly.

Power Out?

Do you ever worry about the power going out and your fish suffering? We carry the A-790 Elite Battery Operated Air Pump. Provides auxiliary air when main air source fails. A reliable back-up air source during household electrical power failure. Portable aerator for fish in transit. Comes with air stone and 18″ tubing. Brass cylinder improvement for lengthened service. Uses two “D” cell batteries (not included).

Also available from Hagen is the Glo Automatic Light Timer. Dual Outlet timer for use with all types of aquarium lighting. 24 hour programmable function with on/off switch manual.