Fluval PF2 Programmable Fish Feeder

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The Fluval PF2 Programmable Fish Feeder is ideal for aquarium owners who are away from the house for extended periods of time (i.e. vacation, business trip) or for those with busy lifestyles. The fish feeder can be used with flakes, granules and freeze-dried fish food.
Key Features :
Two 24-hr operating modes: manual or automatic preset feedings
Adjustable slider for portion control
Dispenses food up to 2 times a day
Drum capacity: 85 ml
For flakes, granules, pellets & freeze-dried food
Battery powered - not affected by power failures
Safety mount secures feeder in place
Fits seamlessly with the Fluval Flex 123 L (32.5 US gal) aquarium (14995 & 14996)
Requires 2 AA batteries - not included (do not use rechargeable batteries)

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