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Mosaic California king snakes can reach up to 3-5 feet, and require a basking temperature of 90F and the cool side should reach no lower than 80F, night time temperatures can range from 65-75F. Adult desert king snakes should be housed in at least a 40 gallon breeder. King snakes can be housed on a variety of bedding; babies can be kept on paper towel, and adults can be kept on aspen bedding, bark, or coco husk. A deep layer of any substrate should be provided to give your snake room to burrow. If you have any questions about them or any other reptile feel free to call or email the store for more information.

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-Zoomed combo deep dome dual light fixture

-Aspen bedding

-Cocoa husk

-Exo terra large 36x18x18 terrarium

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