Chihiros Acrylic Stand For WRGB2

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Chihiros acrylic stands for WRGB II LED lights

For standard sized aquariums you can replace the adjustable legs of your WRGB II lights with these more aesthetic acrylic stands. It's important to know that after replacing you lose the size adjustability of the light so make sure to check your aquarium size before purchasing. The lights are applicable to the following aquarium sizes with the acrylic stands:

Chihiros WRGB II 30 cm LED light- 30 cm aquarium length
Chihiros WRGB II 45 cm LED light- 45 cm aquarium length
Chihiros WRGB II 60 cm LED light- 60 cm aquarium length
Chihiros WRGB II 90 cm LED light- 90 cm aquarium length

Comes with:
2x Acrylic legs
1x Allen key
9x Bolt

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