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Chihiros A2 301 W/BT Controller 30cm 14W
Chihiros A2 451 W/BT Controller 45cm 21W
Chihiros A2 601 W/BT Controller 60cm 26W
Chihiros Acrylic Stand For WRGB2Chihiros Acrylic Stand For WRGB2
Chihiros C2 RGB BaseChihiros C2 RGB Base
Chihiros Hanging Rope Kit For WRGB2
Chihiros Replacement Reactor
Chihiros RGB VIVID2 Black 60-90cm 130WChihiros RGB VIVID2 Black 60-90cm 130W
Chihiros Shade For RGB Mini
Chihiros Shade For RGB VIVID2 (Black)
Chihiros Shade For WRGB2Chihiros Shade For WRGB2
Chihiros VIVID Mini 40-60cm 75WChihiros VIVID Mini 40-60cm 75W
Chihiros Wifi Hub up to 8 devices
Chihiros WRGB2 Pro Lighting SystemChihiros WRGB2 Pro Lighting System

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