Bunch Plant - Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Brown'

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Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Brown'

Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Brown’ is a popular variant of the Cryptocoryne wendtii, which is highly regarded among aquarium enthusiasts for its adaptability and ease of care. It’s known for its unique leaf morphology, with leaves that can range from brown to red, especially under varying light conditions.  The ‘Brown’ variant has leaves with a brownish-green or olive green color on the upper side and may appear pale to reddish-green or even purple on the underside.

Here are some care tips for Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Brown’:

  • Lighting: It will grow well under both low and high light conditions. Full-spectrum lighting is recommended for best results.
  • Temperature: The optimal temperature range is between 68-83°F (20-28°C), with 78°F (25.5°C) being ideal.
  • Water pH: It prefers a neutral water pH of 6.8 to 7.2.
  • Propagation: This plant can be propagated by dividing the root structure and replanting.
  • Growth: It tends to grow in clusters, creating a bushy appearance, and can reach a height of up to 12-20 inches (30-50 cm), making it suitable for mid to background placement in an aquarium.

Remember, while Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Brown’ is an easy-to-grow plant, it does have specific care requirements to thrive. Sudden changes in water quality can cause its leaves to melt, but new growth will eventually appear. It’s a splendid choice for both beginners and advanced aquarists looking to add some color and texture to their aquascapes


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