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Naja indica

also known as Indian waternymph, is an aquatic plant native to South Asia. It features thin, thread-like leaves with a light green color and typically grows in shallow, slow-moving water. You can find it in ponds, lakes, and streams. If you’re considering adding Najas indica to your aquarium, here are some key details:

  1. Common Names:

    • Indian waternymph
    • Najas grass
  2. Scientific Name: Najas guadalupensis

  3. Habitat:

    • Native to North America, where it is widespread.
    • Also distributed in Canada, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, South America, and Asia.
    • Grows in various aquatic habitats, including fast-moving streams, ditches, ponds, freshwater lakes, and brackish waters.
    • Considered an invasive species in some countries.
  4. Description:

    • Fast-growing stem plant.
    • Can be floated in the water column or rooted in the substrate.
    • Thrives without CO2 injection.
    • Light green color.
    • Grows up to 90 cm (~3 feet) without trimming.
    • Propagated by clipping the stems off.

Remember to provide suitable conditions for Najas indica in your aquarium, and enjoy its graceful presence!

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