Tropica Potted Ludwigia palustris

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Ludwigia palustris: This cosmopolitan stem plant turns red easier and is smaller than the well-known Ludwigia repens ’Rubin’. Each stalk becomes 2-4 cm wide and 10-30 cm high. The plant willingly creates side shoots, but cutting increases the amount and leaves the plant even denser. The cut-off shoots can be replanted and they quickly generate new roots.
The plant becomes intensely red and grows better, when placed in light and with added CO2.

Type: Stem
Origin: Cosmopolitan
Growth Rate:
Height: 10-30+cm
Light Demand:
CO2: Low
Tropica Potted plants are Pots that are brimming with plants and have lots of mass and healthy, well developed roots. Most pots can be divided into several portions which are planted separately.

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