Tropica DecorRock Anubias nana

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Tropica DecorRock Anubias nana: 

is a small, attractive plant that thrives in all conditions.  It originates from Cameroon and will reach 5-10 cm height. The rhizome will be 10-15 cm or more. It grows slowly, and the leaves survive for several years, giving slow-growing algae the chance to become established. The best result is achieved by planting on a stone or tree root. Fishing line can be used to attach the plant until it gains a hold. If planted on the bottom the rhizome must not be covered because it tends to rot.

It flowers frequently under water and will thrive in shady places, where other plants will not. It is not eaten by herbivorous fish. 

Type: Rhizomatous
Origin: Africa
Growth Rate:
Height: 5-15cm+
Light Demand:
CO2: Low
Tropica DecorRock is a lava rock with self attached Anubias, fully grown and hardy, right from the start.  Easy to place on the bottom layer.

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