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Anubias gracilis from West Africa is the home of many Anubias, including this one.The 5-10cm big triangular leaves with long leaf stems make Anubias gracilis one of the most elegant.It is hardy and sturdy – a good starter plant. The plant can grow on stones and roots or be planted into the bottom layer. If planted into the bottom layer, make sure not to cover the rhizome from which leaves and roots grow, or else the plant will rot and die. Anubias gracilis can grow over the surface of the aquarium, but please note that the plant grows to be significantly bigger over water.

Type: Rhizomatous
Origin: Africa
Growth Rate:
Height: 10-20cm
Light Demand:
CO2: Low
Tropica Potted plants are Pots that are brimming with plants and have lots of mass and healthy, well developed roots. Most pots can be divided into several portions which are planted separately.

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