SRA Coral/Fertilizer Target Feeder

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  • Syringe makes it easy to suction and apply a large variety of foods
  • Blunt tip for safe application
  • Feeder tube length 20” (51cm)
  • Includes two differently sized needles
  • Feeder syringe holds 20ml of food or fertilizer

Product Description: The SR Aquaristik Coral Target Feeder/ Plant Fertilizer is ideal for target feeding a wide variety of corals and anemones. The fine flat-tipped applicator is also great for applying products used to control Aiptasia and Manjano Anemones. It is also great for root-feeding aquarium plants.

Includes two differently sized needles and one 20ml syringe. The slimmer needle is ideal for liquid food and fertilizer; the larger needle is ideal for thicker liquid solutions or feeding larger food particles. 

Large Needle:
Inner Dimension ID  2.8 mm or 7/64"
Outer Dimension OD 3.6 mm or 9/64"


Small Needle:  
Inner Dimension ID 1.3 mm or 3/64"
Outer Dimension OD 1.9mm or 5/64"

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