Selaginella wallichii Terrarium Plant

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Selaginella wallichii, also known as Spike Moss, is a captivating plant species that belongs to the genus Selaginellaceae. However, it’s essential to note that Selaginella wallichii is not suitable for aquariums where it would be fully submerged. Here are the details:

  1. Appearance and Characteristics:

    • Selaginella wallichii features bright green, spike-shaped leaves.
    • It’s sometimes called Trailing Moss or Club Moss.
    • Unlike some other Selaginella species, it doesn’t climb but works well as ground cover.
  2. Habitat and Care:

    • Terrariums, paludariums, and vivariums are ideal environments for Selaginella wallichii.
    • It thrives under medium-high lighting conditions and appreciates ample humidity.
    • If you decide to change its growing environment, allow the plant to acclimate first and transition slowly.
  3. Aquarium Considerations:

    • Selaginella wallichii is NOT an aquarium plant. Submerging it completely in an aquarium will result in its demise.
    • Instead, consider using it in terrarium-like setups where it can be partially shaded and provided with good humidity.
    • Remove any cotton surrounding the roots and plant it into quality soil.

Remember, while Selaginella wallichii is a fascinating plant, it’s best suited for terrariums rather than aquariums.

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