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Renew™ is ideal for use in systems where phosphate released from all activated carbons poses a problem. Renew™ is also less aggressive than carbon, making it well suited for reefs and planted aquaria. It is also beneficial for use in soft water aquaria where the pH-raising property of many carbons is not an asset. Renew™ will remove organics and particulates in the sub-micron range; it will also help control ammonia, nitrates, and phosphates.

Sizes: 100 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL

Renew™ should be used in exactly the same manner as activated carbon. Use 250 mL for each 120–160 L (30–40 US gallons). For best results, Renew™ should be placed so as to maximize the flow of water through it. Use in a filter bag such as the Zip Bag™. Although Renew™ is clean, it is advisable to rinse before use. It lasts about the same as carbon (4–6 weeks).

Will Renew™ remove medications from aquarium water? And how efficient if renew at removing proteins?
A: Yes, Renew™ will remove proteins and medications from the water to a limited extent. Renew™ is an economical source of carbon but if you are looking to pull out medications I would recommend MatrixCarbon™ or if you are pulling out heavy metals or copper, than use CupriSorb™.

I see that MatrixCarbon™ is more aggressive at filtration and has a higher capacity than Renew™. In what situations would I want to use Renew™?
A: In planted or reef tanks, it can be advantageous to leave some of the organics in the tank so they are available to fish, plants, or corals. In these situations, a media like Renew™ allows for control of organics without total depletion as with more aggressive medias. Additionally, Renew™ will leach no phosphate into the tank at all, which makes it excellent for use in situations where phosphates are being tightly controlled.

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