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Red Sea Reefer 425 G2 - with White or Black Cabinet

The all-new REEFER G2 series of Reef-Ready aquarium systems has improved upon the REEF-SPEC infrastructure of the original Red Sea REEFER series. With a new and revamped water management system, extra-fortified plywood cabinets, thicker and rimless glass, ReefMat-compatible sumps, and extended warranty plans; the G2 REEFER aquarium series is designed to be the perfect canvas for the customized reef tank of your dreams!


Display tank length: 120cm/47.24in

Display tank height: 55cm/21.65in

Display tank width: 60cm/23.62in

Total system height: 142cm/55.90in

Total system water vol.: 433L/114.38gal

Display tank water vol.: 343L/90.61gal

In-cabinet sump water vol.: 90L/23.77gal

Ultra-clear front glass: 12mm/0.47in

Ultra-clear side glass: 15mm/0.59in

Bottom glass: 12mm/0.47in

Approximate weight of aquarium glass: 210 lbs

Approximate total weight of system including water: 1520 lbs

Recommended flow rate for return pump: 4000lph/1060gph

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