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Willow oak, Quercus phellos, comes from the common Oak tree.

These trees are commonly found alongside streams and waterways. When the fall season comes around the leaves turn a golden brown color before falling to the floor. The shape and the color of these leaves create a very naturalistic feel within a terrarium.

These are an essential organic ground litter when it comes to bio-active terrariums. Willow Oak can be used as a source of nutrition for isopods as well as additional hiding security. In large quantities on top of your soil, reptiles such as blue tongue skinks will readily try to burrow under them.

Willow Oak can also be used in aquariums. With this natural product, Tannins will be released into your water. We recommend pre-soaking the leaves before introducing them into your aquarium and to add them in slowly to not change the pH levels drastically. These leaves breakdown slower than Indian almond.

Size of individual leaves average approx. 2-3'' in length.

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