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NewCal Mangrove Leaves (6 – 8″) (10-Pack)

Used to create Blackwater Aquariums which fish like Bettas and certain tetras will love!

Mangrove Leaves provide numerous benefits for tropical fish. The leaves, when steeped in water, impart a beautiful golden-brown color, reduce the pH, and release rich organic compounds, such as tannins, humic acids, and flavonoids. Some of these substances are known to science to be antimicrobial in nature, while others may absorb and detoxify zinc, copper, and aluminum.

Mangrove leaves are free of pesticides, herbicides, and pollution. They’re gathered after having fallen from the trees, rinsed and sun dried, with the bottom part snipped off for ease of use and packaging.

  • Provides natural food source for shrimps.
  • Anti-fungal properties to help fight off Infection
  • Releases tannin into the water which contains healing properties.
  • Helps lower the pH in water.
  • Poviding ideal ecological system for both marine lives and diverse microbial
  • inducing spawning
  • simulating black water environment

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