Living World Zoo Zone (Gray/Burgundy)


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With its clear plastic top, the Living World Zoo Zone small animal habitat provides a great view for you and your pet. The top-opening wire door provides easy cage access, as well as allowing air ventilation and circulation.

This modern and spacious home also comes with practical accessories that enhance your small pet's living experience including an elevated hay guard for a natural stress-free feeding position, a dual compartment food dish, and a space-saving corner litter pan.

Size :

  • Small: 71 L x 45.5 W x 32.5 cm H (28 x 18 x 12.7") 
  • Large: 100 L x 51 W x 37 cm H (39.3 x 20 x 14.5")

Key Features :

  • Flip-up Wire Grill: for easy cage assess; allows air ventilation and circulation
  • Elevated Hay Guard: provides a natural, stress-free feeding position
  • Dual Compartment Feeding Dish: for food or treats
  • Corner Litter Pan: space-saving design
  • Includes Water Bottle Holder (water bottle sold separately)

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