Kordon Fish Prep


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Prepares and treats new fish prior to adding into aquariums - prevents transfer of disease

  • Effective 15-minute therapeutic bath
  • Contains a blend of natural soothing oils
  • Halts incoming contamination
  • Cleans new incoming fish of disease organisms
  • Reduces external fungus
  • Reduces protozoan infestations
  • Helps prevent fin rot and tail rot
  • Helps prevent common bacterial infections
  • Protects delicate slime coats
  • Helps to repair damaged areas
  • Will not harm biological filters - remove carbon from filters.
  • Safe when used as directed for both fresh and saltwater fish

FISH PREP contains a natural stress reducing oil - keeps fish calm and stress free during treatment

Item No. 32544 FISH PREP™ -  4 fl. oz. (118mL) - treats up to 11 gallons (11 individual 1-gallon baths)

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