Fluval Aqualife Plant Scapes Red Ludwigia/Dwarf Sagittarius Plant Mix 8"/20 cm

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Fluval Aqualife replica plants offer life-like detail and color that are as close to perfection as nature itself. Enhance your aquascape with Fluval's extensive Aqualife plant series. Soft touch, fade-resistant leaves sway with the current, adding the life-like realism to your environment while requiring no pruning to maintain their shape.
Made of non-toxic materials, these plants also won't affect aquarium water chemistry or cause algae issues, making them even more convenient and 100% safe for fish.

Key Features :
Soft, supple texture for an authentic look and feel
Fade-resistant natural colors
Ultra durable and maintenance-free
Red Ludwigia/Dwarf Sagittarius Plant Mix
Rock base
Dimensions: 8 in/ 20 cm

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