Bunch Plant - Vallisneria Gigantea "Rubra"

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Vallisneria gigantea "rubra"

also known as Red Jungle Vallisneria, is a captivating aquatic plant that thrives in freshwater and brackish environments. Let me share some interesting details about this beautiful plant:


  • Common Name: Red Jungle Vallisneria
  • Scientific Name: Vallisneria gigantea rubra
  • Description:
    • Red Jungle Vallisneria features long, ribbon-like leaves that emerge from a basal meristem.
    • These leaves can grow up to 1 meter (approximately 3 feet) long and are about 20 to 35 mm (around 1 inch) wide.
    • The plant is dioecious, meaning each individual has either male or female flowers.
    • Female flowers float on the water surface, while male flowers develop at the base.
    • It’s an ideal background plant for larger aquariums, as it grows all the way to the top and propagates prolifically.
    • Under medium to high light, the tips of its leaves may even develop a reddish coloration.
  • Habitat:
    • Vallisneria species are found in slow to fast-moving rivers, streams, lakes, and wetlands across tropical and subtropical regions worldwide.
  • Care Requirements:
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Optimal Lighting: Medium
    • Optimal pH: 6.5 – 8.0
    • Optimal GH: 4 – 18
    • Optimal Temperature: 20 – 28 °C (68 – 82 °F)
    • Growth Rate: Moderate to fast
    • Placement in Tank: Background
    • Size: 20 to 40+ cm (8 – 16 inches or more)
    • Fertilizers: Not needed to low
    • CO2: Not needed to low
  • Geographical Distribution:
    • Vallisneria species are found in North America, South America, Africa, Eurasia, and Australia.
    • They thrive submerged in water bodies, adding green beauty to aquatic environments.
    Type: Stolon
    Origin: NA, SA, Africa, Eurasia, Australia
    Growth Rate:
    Height: 20-40++cm
    Light Demand:
    CO2: Low

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