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Ludwigia peruensis 'Diamond',

also known as Peruvian primrose-willow or Peruvian water primrose, is an aquatic stem plant with striking bright red and pink leaves. Native to various tropical regions around the world, this plant belongs to the Onagraceae family. Here’s what you need to know about caring for this vibrant aquatic species:

  1. Growth and Appearance:

    • Ludwigia peruensis can form clumps that reach up to 20 inches tall. Regular pruning helps maintain a smaller size in aquarium environments.
    • In its fully submersed form, the spade-shaped leaves exhibit a range of colors:
      • Upper leaves: Deep red.
      • Lower leaves: Olive green or reddish-brown to deep red.
  2. Lighting Requirement:

    • To encourage robust growth and vivid coloration, Ludwigia peruensis needs bright light.
    • Under intense illumination, the upper leaves turn a rich red, while the lower ones tend toward olive green.
    • Proper trimming allows light to penetrate to the lower foliage, resulting in full red coloration instead of reddish olive green.
    • However, be cautious: High light levels may lead to increased algae growth. Consider CO2 injection and introduce algae-eating tank inhabitants like the Amano Shrimp to maintain balance.
  3. Care Difficulty:

    • While this plant can survive in various tanks, achieving the best growth and coloration requires experienced care.
    • Hobbyists seeking vibrant red hues should opt for high-tech tank setups and have experience with other advanced plant species.
    • If you’re content with slower growth and red-tinted olive-colored leaves, Ludwigia peruensis can thrive without excessive difficulty.

In summary, Ludwigia peruensis adds a splash of color to your planted aquarium, but it appreciates the right conditions and care. Whether you’re an aquascaping enthusiast or a beginner, this captivating plant can enhance the beauty of your aquatic world! 

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