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Ludwigia arcuata

also known as Narrow Leaf Repens, is a vibrant and versatile aquatic plant that is perfect for any aquarium or water garden. Its bright green color when grown emerged transforms into a striking red hue when submerged. The narrow leaves provide a pop of color and create a lush underwater environment for fish and other aquatic life to thrive. This plant is loved by freshwater aquarists for its attractive reddish foliage and can be used as a midground or background plant depending on your tank’s layout.

Here are some key points about growing and caring for Ludwigia arcuata:

  1. Lighting: Provide sufficient light for optimal growth. A light intensity of 80-100 umols of PAR will give lighter orange tones, while 150 umols of PAR or more will result in redder coloration and more branching.
  2. CO2: CO2 is necessary for coloration and vigorous growth. It encourages the plant to sprout profusely and produce dense bushes.
  3. Nutrients: Nitrate limitation helps achieve deeper coloration without excessive lighting. Keep nitrate levels low (below 5 ppm) to enhance reddish hues. However, be cautious not to starve the plant completely.
  4. Substrate: Use a rich substrate or ammonia-rich root tabs to feed nutrients through the root zone while maintaining low nitrate levels in the water column.
  5. Trimming: Regular trimming encourages side shoots and helps create a bushy appearance. The plant is resilient and can be pruned for weeks without replanting.
  6. Placement: Consider using it as a midground or background plant due to its fine texture.

Remember that achieving the right balance of light, nutrients, and CO2 is essential for vibrant coloration and healthy growth. Enjoy cultivating this beautiful aquatic plant in your aquarium!

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