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Elodea nuttallii,

commonly known as western waterweed or Nuttall’s waterweed, is a perennial aquatic plant native to North America. It thrives in submerged habitats such as lakes, rivers, and shallow water bodies. Here are some key details about this fascinating aquatic species:

  1. Description:

    • Elodea nuttallii has thin branching stems with whorls of 3–4 (exceptionally, 5) flat leaves at intervals.
    • The leaves taper to a fine point, distinguishing it from its relative, E. canadensis, where the leaves taper to an acute point.
    • Some leaves exhibit recurved and twisted shapes, with minute teeth.
    • Tiny flowers are produced, with the staminate ones detaching from their stalks and floating away from the plant.
    • Flowering occurs from May until October.
    • Interestingly, in Europe, nearly all individuals of E. nuttallii are female, with male plants being rare.
  2. Distribution:

    • Native to temperate North America, E. nuttallii has naturalized in other regions.
    • It was first recorded in Europe (probably in England) around 1914, but correct identification as E. nuttallii occurred in 1974.
    • It has spread widely across England, parts of lowland Wales, lowland Scotland, and Ireland.
    • As an invasive species in Europe, it reached several countries, including Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.
    • Notably, it often displaces the invasive Elodea canadensis.
  3. Aquarium Use:

    • E. nuttallii is sometimes used as an aquarium plant due to its attractive appearance and adaptability.

Remember, while it may not be measured in bananas, Elodea nuttallii plays a vital role in aquatic ecosystems! 

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