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Elodea najas :

Is closely related to Egeria densa, is a popular aquarium plant with several benefits. Here’s what you need to know about it:


  1. Appearance:

    • Elodea najas has slender stems adorned with vibrant green leaves.
    • The leaves are flat and durable, forming whorls of about four to six leaves sprouting from the stem.
    • It’s a tall plant that’s all stem, creating a distinct look.
  2. Benefits:

    • Aesthetic Appeal: Elodea adds natural beauty to your aquarium. Whether planted sporadically or densely, it enhances the overall look.
    • Shelter for Fish: In dense bunches, it provides hiding spots for shy fish, shrimp, and other tank inhabitants.
    • Dietary Source: Cichlids, goldfish, and snails enjoy feeding on its leaves.
    • Water Quality Improvement: Elodea absorbs organic debris, keeping the water cleaner. It also oxygenates the water and stabilizes pH levels.
  3. Care:

    • Lighting: Moderate to high light is ideal.
    • Substrate: It can be planted in gravel or sand.
    • Planting: Plant the stems in the substrate, leaving the leaves above the surface.
    • Trimming & Pruning: Regularly trim to maintain shape and prevent overgrowth.
    • Tank Mates: Compatible with most fish and invertebrates.
    • Propagation: Easily propagated by cutting and replanting stems.

Remember, Elodea najas is beginner-friendly and adaptable, making it a great addition to any freshwater aquarium!

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