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Fluval U-Series Submersible FiltersFluval U-Series Submersible Filters
Elite Mini Underwater Filter
Oase BioCompact 25 (up to 10G)Oase BioCompact 25 (up to 10G)
Oase BioCompact 50 (up to 15G)Oase BioCompact 50 (up to 15G)
Oase BioPlus 50 (up to 15G)Oase BioPlus 50 (up to 15G)
Oase BioPlus 200 (up to 55G)Oase BioPlus 200 (up to 55G)
Oase BioPlus Thermo 100 (up to 30G)Oase BioPlus Thermo 100 (up to 30G)

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