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Calcium deficiency is a major dietary problem in captive reptiles and amphibians. Exo Terra Calcium Powder Supplement contains high levels of calcium to help ensure long-term health.

Contains the essential elements for proper metabolism :

  •  Low phosphorous
  •  Ultra fine powder
  •  For reptiles and amphibians

    Feeding Instructions :

    Vegetables and Fruit :

    Blend 1/2 tablespoon of Exo Terra Calcium Powder Supplement with 1/2 tablespoon of Exo Terra Multi Vitamin Powder Supplement per 500g mixed vegetables and fruits. Always provide clean fresh drinking water.

    Insects :

    Thoroughly mix a 1:1 ratio of Exo Terra Calcium Powder Supplement and Exo Terra Multi Vitamin Powder Supplement in a container and add live insects. Cover and shake gently until all insects are "coated". No other supplementation is required. Always provide clean and fresh drinking water.

    After opening store in a cool, dry place. For Best Before Date and Batch Code see base of container.

    Ingredients :

    Calcium carbonate, oyster shell flour, salt, calcium sulfate, potassium chloride, ferrous fumarate, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, manganous oxide, copper sulfate.

    Guaranteed Analysis :

    Moisture (max) 12.0%    Magnesium (min) 0.03%
    Calcium (min) 35.0%      Sulfur (min) 0.04%
    Calcium (max) 37.0%     Iron (min) 240 ppm
    Salt (min) 0.06%           Zinc (min) 9 ppm
    Salt (max) 0.07%          Manganese (min) 5 ppm
    Potassium (min) 0.04%   Copper (min) 2 ppm

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