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Aquario Neo Reliever (Add-on piece for Aquario Neo Flow Pipe)
Introducing Aquario Neo Reliever! The most innovative aquarium product of 2021!

With its minimalist design, Neo Relievers can freely adjust the flow velocity and direction of the shoe.

Compact design
Neo reliever has a diameter of 40mm and a thickness of 22mm(M) and 26mm(L).

Perfect flow rate reduction
Even when used without a wing, it lowers the flow velocity, but when equipped with a wing it is completely reduced, allowing you to use a bigger filter on smaller tanks to maximize your biological filtration capabilities!
Free flow direction change
You can freely change the direction of the water flow by using only one of the wings or by rotating the product.

Water flow can be customized!
The water flow varies depending on the number of wings installed or the degree of insertion. If only one wing is mounted, the water flow is formed in one direction.


Available in 2 sizes 
Neo Reliever M 
(For Neo FLow 12/16mm Outer Diameter 13mm)
Neo Reliever L
(For Neo FLow 16/22mm Outer Diameter 17mm)
This is an add-on piece for Aquario Neo Flow (Sold separately)

Available Replacement Parts & Accessories
Neo Flow 
Neo Holder
Neo Skimmer
Neo Reliever

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