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Pacman frogs are one of the cutest frog species, and they come in a variety of different colors. These frogs are very easy to maintain and burrow themselves into the dirt 90% of the time. They are ambush predators, meaning they lay in wait for prey to pass them by and then they snatch them up with their rather large mouths. These frogs can become extremely stressed with too much space, ten gallons is usually the perfect size for these frogs, perhaps a 20 gallon if you find your frog is particularly active or you find yourself with a female, which tend to be bigger than size. Keep the enclosures temperature around 75-78F, no hotter than 80F. Pacmans should be sprayed down once a day to ensure proper humidity and hydration. If you are interested in them or any other reptile feel free to email or call the store for more information.

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