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(Hyalinobatrachium fleischmanni) found in the tropical regions of the United States these gorgeous frogs only get about 1.5 inches full grown. Their translucent coloring allows them to blend in well with thicker leaved plants commonly found in their natural habitat. These frogs are very fragile and we do not recommend them to beginner keepers. A clean and well kept environment is crucial to the long term health of these frogs. They like high humidity (around 80-90%) and good air flow. These frogs will spend their time hanging onto leaves during the day, as they are nocturnal they are most active during the evening and night. They naturally live by fast moving streams and should have a low water dish provided to them with clean dechlorinated water to soak in. Temperatures should remain between 75-80 F, with the temperature dropping slightly to around 68-70 F at night. Their diet consists of smaller insects, including fruit flies, small worms, and 1-2 week old crickets.

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