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Chihiros VIVID Mini 40-60cm 75WChihiros VIVID Mini 40-60cm 75W
Chihiros A2 301 W/BT Controller 30cm 14W
Chihiros A2 451 W/BT Controller 45cm 21W
Chihiros A2 601 W/BT Controller 60cm 26W
Chihiros Wifi Hub up to 8 devices
Chihiros Shade For WRGB2Chihiros Shade For WRGB2
Chihiros Shade For RGB VIVID2 (Black)
Chihiros Shade For RGB Vivid 2 Mini
Chihiros C2 RGB BaseChihiros C2 RGB Base
Chihiros Hanging Rope Kit For WRGB2
Chihiros Acrylic Stand For WRGB2Chihiros Acrylic Stand For WRGB2
Chihiros Replacement Reactor
Chihiros A2 1201 W/BT Controller 120cm 53W
Chihiros A2 901 W/BT Controller 90cm 40W
Chihiros A2 Max LED Lighting SystemChihiros A2 Max LED Lighting System

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