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Vallisneria americana,

commonly known as wild celery, water-celery, tape grass, or eelgrass, is a fascinating aquatic plant that thrives in freshwater environments. Let’s explore its intriguing features:


  • Common Names:

    • Wild celery
    • Water-celery
    • Tape grass
    • Eelgrass

  • Description:

    • Wild celery has long, limp, flat leaves that can grow up to three feet in length.
    • These leaves are approximately one inch wide and have a green mid-ridge.
    • Despite one of its common names, wild celery bears little resemblance to the celery used as a vegetable.
    • It is a deep-rooted plant that can rise two or more meters above the clustered base.
    • Wild celery grows underwater and serves as a food source for various animals, including the canvasback duck.

  • Habitat and Distribution:

    • Vallisneria americana occurs naturally in various regions, including Iraq, China, Japan, Korea, India, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Australia, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Venezuela.
    • It is primarily found in eastern North America, ranging from Nova Scotia to South Dakota and southward to the Gulf of Mexico.
    • Reports also indicate its presence in the western states of Washington, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Arizona.

  • Ecological Importance:

    • Wild celery beds provide a rich abundance of prey, serving as food for other species.
    • These beds act as a refuge for various organisms, including commercial, recreational, endangered, and invasive species.
    • They also serve as a nursery for fishery species.
    • In Louisiana, wild celery beds are home to crustaceans, gastropods, invertebrates, and fish.
    • West Indian Manatees graze on these beds.
    • Wild celery stabilizes sediment and shorelines, improves water quality, and supports detrital food webs.
  • Aquarium Cultivation:

    • Vallisneria americana is cultivated for the aquarium trade, where it is sold as a background plant.
    • Its ability to tolerate a wide range of water conditions makes it a versatile choice for aquariums.

Wild celery’s underwater elegance and ecological significance make it a valuable addition to aquatic environments!

Type: Stolon
Origin: South Asia, NA, SA
Growth Rate:
Height: 20-30++cm
Light Demand:
CO2: Medium

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