Store Policy

initialsKeeping live animals comes with responsibility, risk and unpredictability. Once they leave our premises, the onus is on you, the customer, to maintain proper living conditions, suitable tank mates and appropriate food. We do our best to educate our customers, but sometimes it is just too busy in the store to go through every possible scenario that you may encounter.

Education does not stop here. There are many books, websites and forums where you can research the specifics on the living creature that you have acquired. Although it can be quite confusing with so many opinions and contradicting ideas on the internet, you can always call the store for some of our advice gained by trial and error, making mistakes and years of experience.

Refunds and Exchanges:
  • Returns must be within 7 days from the date of purchase.
  • All Sale Items and Special Orders are final.
  • All returns and exchanges must be accompanied by a valid Aquariums West Receipt, original packaging and in excellent resalable condition.
Cash or Interac Refunds
  • Returned merchandise that was paid with cash or interac will be returned though cash or interac.
Credit Card
  • Returned merchandise that was paid for by credit card will be returned to the original card.
Glass Policy
  • Due to the sensitive nature of glass aquariums and terrariums, we are unable to accept returns on these items.  These products cannot be exchanged or returned and must be inspected prior to leaving Aquariums West to insure that they are in perfect condition.
Fish Policy
  • We try our hardest to ensure that all the fish that we sell are in the healthiest possible condition.  However, occasionally something goes wrong in either your environment or ours.  If you have properly acclimated your fish and your new pet becomes ill within 72 hours of purchase:
  1. Please bring in the fish in a separate bag
  2. Your Aquariums West receipt
  3. A sample of aquarium water (1 cup from your tank).
  • We will test relevant water conditions to try to determine if the problem was the environment or a pre-existing illness.  If your water tests fine, we will gladly replace the fish for you.  If not, we’ll teach you how to fix it!
  • This guarantee does not apply to Sale fish, Feeders, Discus, Replacement Fish or Marine Livestock.
Please Note
  • We cannot replace fish that have jumped out of your aquarium, accidentally been stepped on, dropped on the sidewalk, left overnight in your car, gone down the drain, sucked up in your filter, forgotten in the pub, transported to another planet, or have become food for your other fish.
  • We cannot replace fish without receipt, a tank water sample and the fish.
  • If your fish appears sick and needs treatment, please let us know.  When in doubt as to the quality of your water, do a water change!  It’s like opening a window and letting in some fresh air.
Reptile and Small Animal
  • All reptile and small animal sales are final.
  • We try our hardest to ensure that all the animals that we sell are in the healthiest possible condition.  However, occasionally something goes wrong in either your environment or ours.  If you have any care or feeding issues please call 604-669-9249 or email
  • If your animal shows signs of stress or illness, please contact us immediately and any refunds or exchanges will be dealt with on a case by case basis within 7 days of purchase.


Having said all that, there are many situations that may not be covered here and we will deal with them on an individual basis. Our ultimate goal is for you to be happy!

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