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Neo Solutions series consists of 4 types: 1, 2, K, and Fe. 

Used to encourage the rapid growth of aquatic plants and to enhance their colour and overall health.  

When to use Neo Solution Series

Neo Solution 1 Aids in the promotion of photosynthesis in aquatic plants and increases their speed of growth.  Use when plants have holes in their leaves, their colour fades or changes or leaves produced are small. 
Active ingredients a N,K,Mg and P

Neo Solution 2 Balances growth and colour especially strengthening red colour.  Use when new leaves appear somewhat bleached and leaf shape is irregular.
Active ingredients Fe, B, Mo Ca and other essential micro elements, amino-acid and humic acid.

Neo Solution K promotes photosynthesis and helps to correct poor leaf condition.
Active ingredient K

Neo Solution Fe strengthens red colour and promotes healthy growth of leaves. 

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