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Neo soil Powder (1mm grain size) for ornamental aquatic shrimp, makes breeding shrimp easy for both the beginner and the experienced aquarist. It is comprised of rich volcanic soil which encourages excellent growth from baby to adult.  The rich nutrition helps increase the survival of baby shrimp producing brighter colours and stronger exoskeletons.  It also helps in growing aquatic ferns, mosses and crytocoryne plants. This specialty substrate is formulated to deter ammonia buildup.

Rich Nutrition

The rich nutrition helps increase the survival of baby shrimp producing brighter colours and stronger shells.  It also helps in growing aquatic ferns, mosses and crytocoryne plants.

Contains powder bacteria and food for bacteria

A rich substrate base full of beneficial bacteria is essential for a healthy aquarium.  When seasoning an aquarium, the bacteria need food to grow and Neo Soil contains both the bacteria and the food to keep them alive.

Contains humic acid

Makes for a better environment for shrimp to breed and grow.

Porous air holes

Compact soil can become anaerobic preventing the flow of water and oxygen.  Neo soil is porous and allows oxygen rich water to flow freely enabling the bacteria to breed and thrive. The healthy bacteria breaks down the pollution rendering it harmless for the inhabitants of the aquarium.  The soil becomes the biological filter! 

Double layers of soil

Neo soil consists of 2 layers: brown soil on the inside and black soil on the outside.  This allows the soil to be much lighter allowing it to be not only the idea substrate for growing aquatic plants but the Filter Media itself.

Maintaining stable water quality

Water quality with Neo soil for Shrimps for 3 weeks

DAY NH3/NH4(mg/l) NO2(mg/l) NO3(mg/l)
Original Water 0 0 0
Day 7 0.25 0
Day 14 0 0 12.5
Day 21 0 0 12.5

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