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Rainbow boas can reach up to 5-6 feet when full grown, and are generally quite docile when they get older. The babies are known to be a bit nippy but with regular handling they tolerate it well. Rainbow boas do best with a temperature gradient between 73F on the cooler side and around 80-82F on the warm side. These boas require a higher humidity, around 70-80% to keep them happy and healthy. Babies can be kept in smaller terrariums as they like to escape, adults should be kept in at least a 60-75 gallon terrarium when full grown. If you are interested in them or any other reptile you can give us a call or email the store for more information.

Products we recommend on our online store:

-Exo terra 90x45x45 terrarium for a full grown adult

-Exo terra heat mat

-Exo terra plantation soil

-Exo terra microtope monsoon

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