Chihiros B90 W/BT


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The Chihiros B Series LED lights are a sophisticated lighting solution crafted to elevate the artistry of planted aquariums. Designed for simplicity and efficiency, these lights enhance the beauty of aquatic plants and tropical livestock. With a sleek design and a blend of white and RGB LEDs, they promote optimal plant growth. Available in various sizes with adjustable legs, installation is a breeze. Control brightness and timers remotely via Bluetooth with the included Chihiros Commander 1 Bluetooth controller, ensuring your aquarium gets customized, consistent lighting at your convenience. Functional, economical, and visually stunning, the Chihiros B Series is your key to a thriving planted aquarium. 


  • Light size: 34.49 x 2.2 x 0.47 inches
  • 2881 lm 
  • 46.8 Watts 
  • Led source: RGB-W 
  • Glass thickness: Up to 8MM  

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