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Introducing Aquario Neo Skimmer! The most innovative aquarium product of 2021! (Add-on piece for Aquario Neo Flow Pipe)

The Neo Skimmer offers the best oil film removal capability with minimal design. When the oil film passes through the Neo Skimmer, it is crushed to a fine consistency and loses its flotation capability. It mixes with water eventually entering the inlet of your filter and then biologically decomposed.

Compact design
Aquario Neo Skimmer doesn't take up space.
The largest product, L size, is only 4 cm wide and 4.5 cm high.

Aquario Neo Skimmer doesn't need electricity!
Based on Bernoulli's principle, it uses the correlation between flow velocity and pressure.

Aquario Neo Skimmer doesn't trap creatures!
Probably the most game-changing aspect of the Aquario Neo skimmer is the fact that it will not become a death trap for your small fish or shrimp! Since it is located at the outlet, any creature that enters the skimmer is immediately discharged.
Easy to adjust with possible aeration  

The ability to remove the film can be adjusted by moving the part up and down and rotating the left and right sides.

How to use Neo Skimmer?
Do not set the cutting surface in the opposite direction of the water exit. Insert the vertical part deeply and adjust the oil film removal ability by turning the vertical part left and right.
Aeration is possible when it sits high

Available in 2 sizes 

Neo Skimmer M 
(For Neo FLow 12/16mm Outer Diameter 13mm)

Neo Skimmer L
(For Neo FLow 16/22mm Outer Diameter 17mm)

This is an add-on piece for Aquario Neo Flow (Sold separately)

Available Replacement Parts & Accessories
Neo Flow 
Neo Reliever
Neo Holder
Neo Skimmer

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