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Where to Park?

There are tons of street parking spaces at the foot of Robson Street, Costco is one block away (with lots of parking) and on the weekends and after 5:30 during the week you can easily park behind the store off of Expo Boulevard. Just look for the Sign board. The Vancouver Public Library is one block away, Sky Train is 1 block away…so you will be able to easily get to the store, do your Costco shopping, take books out of the Library and have a great meal at one of the many restaurants nearby, and of course, shop at Aquariums West!

How to enter the store: When you get to 796 Beatty Street you can enter the store by spiraling down the stairs or take the elevator at 788 Beatty, and go to B2. You can also enter from the rear entrance off Expo Boulevard. I have a sign board to point you in the right direction. If you have something heavy to carry, I can offer the many “Hercules” the amazing and strong members of the staff to carry your purchases to your car. For Wheel chair and stroller access take the elevator from 788 Beatty to B2 and follow the sign. On weekends enter 0005 (our suite number) and one of us will buzz you in. The sign is kinda’ small but look to the right and down the hall. Once you get it you’ll never forget!

At the entrance on Beatty Street, there is a push button which automatically opens the door. If you need an elevator enter at 788 Beatty street and push B2. Just follow the animal characters to Aquariums West.

For wheelchair and stroller access
or anyone who has problems with stairs
B2 #5- 788 Beatty Street,
Buzzer 0005
Vancouver, B.C.

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