Freshwater Fish FAQ

FAQs related to freshwater issues.

The 10 Biggest Mistakes

Copyright © Practical Fishkeeping We take a look at some of the biggest mistakes made by fish keepers – and not just newcomers to the hobby! 1. Lighting on for too long In these days of ultra bright lighting you can actually have too much light, and have it on for too long. Your tank […]

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Tips For The Beginner

What To do When you Don’t Know What To Do! You have had your aquarium for about two weeks and are loving it. Everyday you turn on the light, give your fish just a little snack of food, watch them eat and then get on with your day. You come home, sneak a peak at […]

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How To Do A Water Change!

Follow these 7 simple steps every week  to keep your aquarium water healthy and your fish happy. 1. Unplug everything – heater, filter, lights and any other electrical components you have added to your aquarium.  Specifically, your aquarium heater.  If the water level goes below a certain point on your heater while it is plugged […]

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Going on Vacation

No need to have your fish starve while you are lavishing in the Tropics, eating Turkey with the relatives, or away on business. We have a variety of Automatic Fish Feeders in stock to spoil your fish while you are away. We even have automatic light timers so your plants will be happy too. Just […]

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I just got a Betta!

A Siamese Fighting fish or a “Betta” is one of the easiest fish to keep, much simpler than the traditional “goldfish in a bowl”. If you keep your Betta’s environment clean, don’t overfeed him, and add a live plant to his aquarium or bowl, he can live for a very long time. One customer reported […]

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What is the Biological Cycle?

You have probably been asked “Is your tank cycled?” when you have come in to purchase tropical fish at Aquariums West and wondered what the heck is that. “Was I supposed to have remembered this from high school?” Many people have lost many fish because they do no understand what this is. People who have […]

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The 10 Best Algae Eaters For Tropical Tanks

Got a problem with algae in your aquarium? These fish will all earn their keep by helping to keep it under control… Otocinclus “As our tanks become increasingly smaller we need to find similarly sized nano algae eaters to match. Otocinclus are tiny South American algae eating catfish. They are well behaved, communal and great […]

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How to Treat an Outbreak of Ich

You have just fed your fish and are admiring their lovely colours and movements and then you notice tiny white spots on them. Don’t freak out, these little spots which resemble sugar or salt crystals sprinkled on your fish are actually a tiny parasite protozoan called Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, or “ich” for short, and is very […]

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What Are Camallanus Worms?

So your fish have red worms sticking out of ….. A Customer’s experience of Camallanus worms Recently, I have heard stories from customers about red worms protruding from their fish cloaca’s or anus. These red worms are called camallanus worms, a parasitic nematode. These nematodes are extremely contagious and should be dealt with when sighted. […]

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