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Arghhhh! What’s happening to my aquarium? Unfortunately, one of the constant battles in aquarium keeping is keeping the algae in check. Every aquarium has some, even the gorgeous masterpieces that you see pictures of online. The problem arises when you see the algae first before you see the beautiful fish and plants. One thing is for certain, you are doing something wrong. To figure out what it is check out this excellent:

Click Here: Must See Algae Guide!

Watch this cool video to understand the Algae Problem in your aquarium with permission from Green Aqua:

Thriving Plants

When your plants are thriving algae has little chance of taking over. Aquatic plants are much more sophisticated than algae and will absorb the nutrients faster and more efficiently and will consequently starve out the algae. When your plant growth has plateaued often the algae is blooming, and any effort to battle the algae must coincide with enhanced plant growth. It may seem counter intuitive to fertilize the plants in an effort to starve the algae but liquid fertilizer, fertilizer tabs and, in a perfect world, the addition of CO2 will turbo charge your plant growth and lesson the algae growth.

Regular Water Changes

If you are neglecting doing weekly to bi-weekly water changes, phosphate and nitrate levels will rise – the main source of nutrients for algae. Weekly water changes of about 15% or bi-weekly 30% will help to remove the pollution which enriches the water with the phosphate and nitrate that algae loves so much. For more information on doing a water change click here.

Too Much Light? Not Enough Light?

Leaving your light on too long or using the same old bulbs year after year will also add to algae growth. The old style fluorescent tubes should be changed once a year.

The light only needs to be on 6 – 8 hours a day and do not place your aquarium where it will be getting direct sunlight! You will be constantly battling the algae.

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