Live/Frozen Food

Our Frozen Rodent Feeders:

Our freezer is always loaded with frozen food and we receive fresh shipments of crickets, wax worms and king worms every Tuesday afternoon and the Silkworms, Butterworms and Tomato worms arrive once every two weeks. For special orders please give us at least one week’s notice.  The orders have to be in every Friday.

We post on Aquariums West Facebook page whenever the Silkworms arrive.  So “Like” us and you’ll be the first to know!

Mice PriceRats Price
Mice PriceRats Price
Frozen Pinky 5/pack $6.59Frozen Weaned 5/pack $24.79
Frozen Fuzzy 5/pack $8.49Frozen Pups 5/pack $18.59
Frozen Hopper 3/pack $6.59Frozen Rat Sm 1/pack$7.49
Frozen Adults 3/pack $7.49Frozen Rat Med 1/pack$9.89
Frozen Jumbo 3/pack $8.99Frozen Rat Lg 1/pack $11.99
Frozen Adult 1/pack$3.99Frozen Rat XL 1/pack$14.69

Our LIVE Crickets and Worms:

1 .17 eachWax .17 each
10 .16 eachKing.17 each
20 .15 eachSilk.75 each 10/$7 20/$13
40 .14 eachButter.75 each 10/$7 20/$13
60 .13 eachTomato$2.50 each
80.12 eachMeal 100 $5.00
100 +.10 eachMeal 250$8.00


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