Freshwater Fish FAQ

Tips For The Beginner

What To do When you Don’t Know What To Do! You have had your aquarium for about two weeks and are loving it. Everyday you turn on the light, giv [...]

How To Do A Water Change!!

Simple steps to changing water. Unplug everything – heater, filter, lights and any other electrical components you have added to your aquarium. [...]

Freshwater Fish Care & Feeding

The 10 Biggest Mistakes

Copyright © Practical Fishkeeping We take a look at some of the biggest mistakes made by fishkeepers – and not just newcomers to the hobby! 1. Ligh [...]

I’m Going on Vacation….What Do I Do With My Fish!

No need to have your fish starve while you are lavishing in the Tropics, eating Turkey with the relatives, or away on business. We have a variety of A [...]

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