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O.K., So You Know Everything!

So often, people come into the store with questions.  Lots of questions.  Sometimes an hour of questions and sometimes all day!  Most of us are hap [...]

Red Sea Aquariums Seminar

Aquariums West hosted a wonderful seminar this January featuring special guest Scott Kohler, Vice President of Red Sea Aquariums U.S.A. Scott flew all [...]

Stories from Aquariums West

I have been doing this for a long time and have acquired a few stories and opinions since I started my business in 1980. I thought that for those inte [...]

What Are Camallanus Worms?

So your fish have red worms sticking out of ….. A Customer’s experience of Camallanus worms Recently, I have heard stories from customers [...]

How Long Do Fish Live?

Ever wonder how long your fish will live? Think you are doing well with a neon tetra that has lived for 2 years or a plecostomus that has lived for 5 [...]

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