Aquariums We Sell

Most of the aquariums and aquarium kits that we carry in the store are here to see! This list will be growing as more and more products are added to the website. Not everything is here yet. If you have any questions about what's in stock, what's available, what can be ordered, please email or give us a call 604-669-9249.

Fluval Aquariums

Red Sea Aquariums

Marina Aquariums

API Aquariums

Brio Aquaponics

Brio 35 Aquaponics

Created by Montreal designer Robin Plante, is based on a natural eco system where plants filter the water. His signature product line of “urban eco [...]

Aquatop High Clarity Tanks

Aquatop High Clarity Glass Tanks

High Clarity Glass Tanks Welcome to a New World of Clarity! Aquariums West has just brought in a new line of glass aquariums.  More sizes will be ava [...]

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