NEW! Fluval Edge 2.0 – 12 Gallon Aquarium

Fuval Edge 2.0 46L (12 US gal) Aquarium Set Black
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This is the one of the coolest aquarium designs currently available to aquarists. People who have never wanted an aquarium before because of the lack of style, are now drawn to the Edge. This aquarium is completely different and exciting. Inspired by architectural styling, the EDGE aquarium, a 46L (12 US Gal) 3 dimensional water cube  provides a unique visual effect within a contemporary setting. The bold architectural lines of EDGE give way to a unique top-sided viewing experience, which is enhanced with a new LED that is 2 times more powerful than the previous generation.

Key Features
-6500K integrated LED replicates natural sunlight and promotes plant growth and vibrant fish colors
-LED provides 120° light dispersion for wider coverage
-Touch-Switch lighting with Day and Night illumination
-Timer-compatible (sold separately)
-Multi-stage filtration with adjustable flow
-Media included – mechanical, chemical and biological
-Ventilated hood for added heat dispersion
-Quick access feeding door
-Elevated, recessed based creates a floating tank effect

Included :

-6 Sided Sealed Glass Aquarium with Cover, Rear Column and Base
-Integrated Led Lighting System
-Aquarium Filter with Filter Media
-30ml Water Conditioner
-2 X 30ml Biological Enhancer
-User Guide

Aquarium Size :

16.8 L x 10.25 W x 22.9 H in (43 L x 26 W x 58 H cm)

Aquarium Capacity :

12 US Gal (46 L)

LED Watts :

6.6 W


560 lm

Number of LEDs :


Color Temperature :

6500 K

Pump Output :

378 L/h (100 US Gal/h)


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